Types of Surgeries

The following list provides a sampling of visiting physician specialty areas and types of surgeries that can be performed at Crawford County Memorial Hospital.

  • Orthopedics – Knee arthroscopy, tendon relocation, carpal tunnel and trigger finger repair, torn meniscus repair inside the knee, etc.
  • Podiatry – Bunionectomies and hammer toe tendon repair
  • Gynecology – Prolift and TVT secure mesh implants for incontinence, endometrial ablation (method to decrease uterine bleeding), hysterectomy, removal of pre-cancerous lesions
  • Urology – Cystoscopy (Use of a scope to look inside bladder and treat bladder tumors), kidney stones removal, circumcisions, prostrate removals
  • ENT – Ear tubes, tonsillectomy by ablation technique and conventional method, adenoidectomy, nasal septum reconstructions, minor procedures – biopsy of growths in neck or mouth area
  • Ophthalmology – cataract removal, non-cosmetic eye lid surgery
  • Dermatology – skin lesion removal
Our General Surgeons
Surgeon Type of Surgery
Sara Luft, ARNP, MSN Dermatology Surgery
Paul S. Sherrerd, MD ENT Surgery
Sao J. "John" Liu, MD Opthalmology Surgery
William J. Thomas, MD Opthalmology Surgery
Theresa Swenson, PA-C Orthopaedic Surgery
Phinit Phisitkul, MD Orthopaedic Surgery
Aaron Althaus, MD Orthopaedic Surgery
Douglas Ramos, MD Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Marty J. Kelley, DPM Podiatry Surgery
Dane E. Klett, MD Urology Surgery
Tammy Ramos, MD Vascular Surgery