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(Denison, IA) – The Hospital Foundation of Crawford County (HFCC) has purchased the former Bomgaars building on Highway 39 in Denison. The announcement was made today by the Foundation’s Chairman of the Board, Scott Tibben.

Tibben said the Hospital Foundation will sponsor a “Good Samaritan Center” in the building that will include a thrift shop and other projects. There is no deadline for the opening of the thrift store although Tibben said the Hospital Foundation hopes to have details on the operations completed within the next 90 days.

“The creation of a thrift shop in the building will allow people to donate used clothing and other small household items for resale to the general public at low cost. All donations to the thrift shop will be tax deductible”, Tibben noted.

Tibben praised the Bomgaars Corporation for their support of the Good Samaritan Center.

“This project would not be possible without the generous support of Bomgaars. In particular, Aaron Bomgaars and Torrey Wingert were instrumental in working with the Hospital Foundation to reach an agreement that provides significant donations to the project. Without their assistance, we would not be able to make our announcement today”, Tibben said.

He went on to say the two principal executives involved with the project will be Bill Bruce, the president of the Hospital Foundation, and Don Luensmann, the executive director of the HFCC.

“Bill Bruce has experience in the integration of a thrift store operation as a component of community health status improvement.”

Bruce observed, “Good health is not just about good medicine. It extends to safety, security and shelter. Having a warm coat or extra clothing when it’s needed means a lot to people of all ages.”

Bruce noted that in one of his prior positions a hospital volunteer group sponsored a similar venture and found the benefit was a complement to the traditional delivery of health care.

Luensmann has a solid background in business development and operation of new services which fit inside a strategy of improvement, commented Tibben. He said this was recently demonstrated in the fund raising, development and implementation of the new CCMH Patient Transportation Services program. Currently, the Patient Transportation Services program has the support of nearly 40 volunteers and has provided dozens of rides so people can meet their healthcare needs.

“The Good Samaritan Center will be done in accordance with a solid business plan to benefit the citizens of our area”, said Luensmann. “Of course, we will be looking for volunteers interested in helping others. If being involved in the store would interest anyone, I would encourage them to contact me directly at 265-2515.”

The Hospital Foundation of Crawford County supports Crawford County Memorial Hospital through fundraising and other projects to help CCMH further its healing mission. The Hospital Foundation was founded in 1993 and has raised more than $750,000 for various projects and services for CCMH.