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CCMH Lab Expands Capabilities with New Diagnostic Equipment


(Denison, IA) – The laboratory at Crawford County Memorial Hospital recently added two new analyzers allowing the staff to provide in-house testing for a number of diagnostic testing regimens. The CCMH Board of Trustees authorized the purchase and installation of the equipment earlier this year.

Terrence Place, CCMH Laboratory Director, said the new testing capabilities come from the Microscan 40-SI and the Tosoh A1A-360. According to Place both analyzers will provide a quicker turn around for results when the testing is done in-house.

“We’ll also be able to slow any cost increases for the testing locally instead of sending both the tests and the revenues out of town”, Place said.

The Microscan has the ability to identify infection causing bacteria in wounds, blood and other bodily fluids. Through a series of tests, the lab technologist can rule out normal bacteria and identify the infecting organism. The Microscan then tests the bacteria against a number of antibiotics to discover which one will work the best to resolve the infection. That information is provided to the medical provider who decides which antibiotic to use for the patient. The test results from the Microscan can be available in under 48 hours with the medical provider getting a preliminary report in less than 24 hours.

“CCMH lab technologists are constantly working toward the fastest and most accurate test results available to decrease recovery time for the benefit of our CCMH patients,” Place remarked.

The Tosoh A1A-360 is a chemistry analyzer with the ability to perform tests such as Ferritin, to help detect the cause of some anemias, as well as some reproductive hormones such as progesterone and Leutinizing hormone.

Place noted, “Having these tests available is a great help to any of our physicians with patients who are experiencing reproductive issues.” Anemia and hormone testing was previously sent out to a reference lab where the results were delayed by as many as three or four days. Now the CCMH lab typically has the results of these tests the same day allowing the physician to deal more efficiently with patient issues.

Place also said the CCMH lab will be adding more tests on the Tosoh A1A-360 early in 2015, such as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and parathyroid hormone, to further benefit patient care.