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Addition of new Lab Equipment Increases Accuracy in Diagnostics at CCMH


(Denison, IA) – Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) has added a new hematology analyzer in its Lab Department to provide faster and more accurate analyses of blood samples. The CCMH Board of Trustees approved the purchase to replace older and inefficient equipment. The new equipment, called the Sysmex XT 4000i hematology analyzer, was recently installed and is now being utilized by staff. The XT 4000i will offer CCMH a great deal of accuracy on abnormal white cells through the use of a seven‐part part differential. The former analyzer discriminated white cells based on particle size only.

Hematology Analyzer“Technology has vastly improved the ability to quickly and easily analyze blood samples,” said Terry Place, lab manager at CCMH. “Up to this point, we have been doing several tests for white blood cells manually and the technologist only counts 100‐200 cells. The new analyzer can count several thousand cells to come up with a far greater percentage accuracy. “ Place went on to say that the XT 4000i can test up to 100 samples per hour and helps to eliminate manual counts. This provides the advantages of increased accuracy and saving time by making the system more efficient.

The new equipment also reads and recognizes immature granulocytes, a type of white blood cells that are produced via bone marrow. The XT performs tests on whole blood and body fluid samples and gives a differential count.

Bill Bruce, CCMH President and CEO, observed, “The benefits of the new hematology analyzer are in line with CCMH’s goals to offer patients the most up to date, advanced and accurate care available.” He went on to say, “The Board of Trustees has provided excellent support of the CCMH clinical team and medical staff through its commitment to the residents of Crawford County.”