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Dr. Dennis Crabb Joins with CCMH


The Board of Trustees of Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) and Dr. Dennis Crabb are pleased to jointly announce the transition of Denison Medical & Surgical Associates, PC (Dr. Crabb), effective on May 10, 2013. Dr. Crabb’s clinic operations will become a part of CCMH and he will continue to provide services at the 115 North 14th Street location, which will be renamed CCMH Medical Clinic – City Center. The CCMH Medical Clinic located at 100 Medical Parkway will now become CCMH Medical Clinic – Main Campus. Along with the services of Dr. Crabb, CCMH will seek to hire additional providers for the City Center clinic.

Dr. Dennis CrabbDr. Crabb shared that this transition will assist with his ability to keep pace with the changes ahead in the local delivery of healthcare and offers many advantages to his patients and staff. Dr. Crabb began in private practice in Denison over 35 years ago. In addition to seeing patients at his clinic, Dr. Crabb also provides obstetric and surgical services.

Dr. Crabb noted that the decision to partner with CCMH was neither quick nor easy but is a recognition of the new challenges being faced today by local physicians. Dr. Crabb elaborated on the key changes in recent times that are guiding his decision to partner with CCMH:

  • Continuity of care for patients continues to increase in complexity. Over the last few years, patient’s need additional provider support in dealing with increasing insurance company, Medicare and other regulatory requirements. As a result of this transition, the clinic team (Dr. Crabb and the clinic staff) will have the additional strength and support of CCMH to assure patients receive the prosper assistance at the clinic.
  • With the advent of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as “Obamacare”, the number of government requirements continues to grow each day. Dr. Crabb will be able to take advantage of resources at CCMH to spend more time dedicated to patient care in the clinic and at the hospital.
  • CCMH is on track to expand the electronic health record system currently in place at the hospital to all CCMH clinic providers. This will now include Dr. Crabb at the City Center‐ N. 14th Street location.
  • Dr. Crabb and CCMH will work closely together to recruit additional professional staff to see patients at the City Center ‐ N. 14th Street location. This will ensure a provider is readily available to provide needed care. In addition, the support staff at the clinic can look forward to continuing their dedicated work supporting the community at the clinic.
  • In looking forward, many technologies currently in place at CCMH will be accessible. The information technology staff already employed at CCMH will be able to provide the support needed as healthcare rules and regulations continue to demand increased patient care follow up and support.
  • Supplies and equipment used at the City Center – N. 14th Street office will now be purchased through the group purchasing program to hold down the cost of health care services at the clinic.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Crabb has also served as the Crawford County Medical Examiner for the past 20 years and as the volunteer medical director for all Crawford County Fire, Ambulance and First Responder Services. As the Scoutmaster for Troop 55 in Denison since 1990, Dr. Crabb has helped 65 young men earn the coveted honor of Eagle Scout. Despite his enormous responsibilities as sole practitioner in operating his family medical and surgical practice, Dr. Crabb has eagerly mentored many high school and college students as they consider careers in medicine.

In 2012, Dr. Crabb was recognized with the Iowa Hospital Heroes Award given by the Iowa Hospital Association. The Iowa Hospital Heroes Awards program was created in 2007 to recognize healthcare professionals who have performed a heroic act or tirelessly given their time, talent or expertise to better their hospital, patients or community, with measurable results.

Bill Bruce, President and CEO of Crawford County Memorial Hospital, said, “He is a real leader in our community and in our local healthcare delivery system. Not only does Dr. Crabb show his caring and compassion toward his patients, he also gives generously of himself to the community.” Bruce went on to say, “This transition will enable Dr. Crabb to continue to dedicate his time to patient care and have the hospital support behind him to remain current with technology, recruitment and regulatory compliance.”