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2013 Employee Recognition


In January 2013, twenty-seven employees were recognized for their years of service to CCMH. These 27 employees provided 340 years of cumulative service to the residents of Crawford County. Congratulations to all of these employees for their years of dedicated service.


Not Present:
James Buss
Richard Christie
Holly Galicia
Brooke Tasler
Todd Thomas
Maureen Vonnahme
5 years
Amber Young, John McMullen, Kathy Berens-Brownmiller, Judy Leinen, Tiffany Moore


Not Present:
Dale Keim
Nick Schrad
Dr. Todd Woollen
10 years
Dixie Janssen


Not Present:
Corey Schmadeke
15 years
Julie Meseck, Bonnie Witt, Brenda Schramm


Not Present:
Cheryl Brodersen
20 years
Jo Petersen, Sue Roeder, Marilyn Backus


30 years
Diane Arkfeld


35 years
Etta Peterson


40 Years
Susan Johnston