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Building the New Hospital



RELEASED: May 19, 2011

Open House scheduled for June 11, 2011

The public is invited to a special Open House event celebrating the completion of the brand new state-of-the-art Crawford County Memorial Hospital located at 100 Medical Parkway on the west edge of Denison. The Open House will be held Saturday, June 11, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

A special dedication ceremony, complete with a ceremonious ribbon cutting, will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. Several politicians representing Western Iowa have expressed an interest in attending this ceremony. As soon as we have confirmations of attendance, we will post that information on this page.

Tours of the building will begin at the conclusion of the dedication ceremony (probably around 10:30 a.m.). The public will be allowed access to several areas of the building that will become “off-limits” once the hospital opens. For example, on that day you can go inside the hi-tech operating rooms and get a “behind the scenes” view of where patients are taken for surgery, along with pre-op and post-op care. Several members of the surgical staff will be on hand to answer questions.

Once the Open House is complete, the surgical area will undergo intense cleaning and sterilization – and will not be available for public tours again. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Light refreshments and snacks will be provided to everyone who tours the facility. Gifts will also be handed out at the completion of the tour.

During the tour there will also be a special display commemorating CCMH’s 60th anniversary in 2011. Furthermore, a fire truck, ambulance and Life Flight helicopter will also be on display in the parking lo

All ages are welcome to attend this special Open House event and interpreters will be available. For more information, contact Becky Vonnahme, Director of Development & Public Relations, CCMH, at 712-263-1804.

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RELEASED: April 25, 2011

April 2011 Construction Update

  • Patient care wings

    • The patient rooms are having a final clean done now so they are ready for the Open House on June 11
    • All of the punch lists are being finalized in that area
  • OB
    • Technicians are installing the infant security system and security cameras
    • Workers are finishing the final punch list items in this area
  • Dining Area
    • The islands and buffet counters are being installed
    • The remaining equipment in the kitchen is being installed
  • ER
    • Workers are finalizing the punch list in this area
    • Medical gas booms and light booms are being installed in the trauma bays
  • Surgery
    • Finalizing installation of booms, instrumentations, medical gas and lights in the two operating rooms
  • Radiology/Imaging
    • They are working on installing the final pieces of trim
    • Moving the first piece of radiology equipment from the old hospital to new hospital will start May 31
  • Lab
    • The final pieces of trim are being installed
  • Meeting rooms
    • Audio-visual equipment has been installed
  • Physical Therapy, Administration and Business Office
    • Working on final punch lists in all three areas
  • Medical clinic
    • Issued punch list
    • Final portion of construction – final trim, baseboards, electrical plates, etc.
  • Other notable items
    • Installation of the new computer backbone system will begin the second week of May
    • Total construction should be completed by the third week of May
    • New furniture will start being moved into the building after May 2
    • The door security system is complete
    • Work continues on installation of ice machines and vending machines
    • The final Boiler recalibration and chiller start-up will occur the first week of May
    • Interior signage will begin being installed on May 15

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RELEASED: February 21, 2011

February & March 2011 Construction Update

  • For the private patient rooms…
    • … staff and construction crews are working on construction punch lists (finalization of details of the area – noting any scratches or dents, wall plates not straight, etc.)
    • … the ceiling tile, flooring, and paint is done.
    • … they are working on final trims, finishes and touch-ups.
    • … the shades on the windows are installed.
    • … the light fixtures are in.
    • … the plumbing is hooked up.
    • … the carpet is laid in the hallways outside of the patient rooms.
  • Work in the OB area (Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum suites) includes…
    • … staff working on construction punch lists in this area as well.
    • … final detail work is in progress.
    • … the delivery lights are installed.
    • … the flooring has been completed.
    • … the ceiling tile is in.
    • … the vinyl has been installed in the hallway outside the LDRP suites.
    • … installation of the infant security system is currently taking place.
    • … working on balancing the air handler systems.
  • Work in the new dietary department, known as the Hilltop Café, includes…
    • … finishing up flooring in the dining area.
    • … the porcelain tile has been laid in the buffet area.
    • … the ceiling tile is all in.
    • … the light fixtures are in.
  • Work in the Surgery department includes…
    • … resin floors in both operating rooms are completed.
    • … installation of booms and other equipment in the surgery rooms will begin next week.
    • … the pre and post-op patient rooms are almost complete. The flooring, ceiling tile and light fixtures are in. They are now working on touch-up paint and other finish work.
  • Work in the ER area includes…
    • … the flooring, ceiling and light fixtures are completed.
    • … finish work, such as installation of corner guards and trim, continues.
  • Work in the Ambulance drop off bay…
    • … the ceiling is complete and heaters have been hung.
    • … the inside walls have been painted.
  • Work in the Radiology department includes…
    • … the flooring is being put in right now.
    • … the ceiling tile and lights have been installed.
    • … the next step is finish work – such as installing corner guards and wood trim.
  • Work in the Outpatient Clinic department includes…
    • … installation of the sub-floor continues.
    • … after the sub-floor work is finished, the cabinets will be installed and then the remainder of the flooring will be laid.
    • … the ceiling tile and lights are installed.
  • Work in the medical provider clinic area includes…
    • … everything has been sheet rocked and painted.
    • … the low voltage wires are being installed (nurse call, computer cables, TV, etc.)
    • … crews will start dropping the ceiling tile next week.
  • Work in the Physical Therapy department includes…
    • … everything has been sheet rocked and painted.
    • … the low voltage installation is completed.
    • … work on the ceiling tile has started.
    • … the porcelain tile in the floor is nearing completion.
  • Work in the Administration and Business office area includes…
    • … the ceiling grid is in place and now they are working on installing the tile.
    • … work will begin soon on the flooring and final trim.
  • Work in the public Conference Rooms includes…
    • … everything has been sheet rocked and painted.
    • … the ceiling grid is installed and tile installation will be next.
  • Work in other areas of the hospital includes…
    • … in hallways with the clear story of windows at the top of the wall, the wallpaper is on the wall. They are currently adding trim and crown molding.
    • … an artist from Des Moines will start working on a special feature for the meditation room and information desk area (more details will be provided at a later date).
  • Work in the Healing Garden area includes…
    • … continuing our Fundraising efforts to reach our campaign goal.
    • … we hope to order plants and hardscape construction materials soon.

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RELEASED: November 30, 2010

November & December 2010 Construction Update

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights include:

  • For the private patient rooms…
    • …all doors are installed.
    • …the finished trim (chair rails) is being installed.
    • …the curtain tracks, lights and ceiling tiles are going in.
    • …vinyl is being laid on the floor.
    • …all of the cabinetry is in place.
  • Work in OB (Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum suites) includes…
    • ...installation of cabinets and countertops.
    • …the nurse’s station in complete.
    • …the lights and ceiling tiles are being installed.
  • Work in the new dietary area includes…
    • …the Porcelain tile on the floor of the food serving area is being installed.
    • …the kitchen hood and floor tile is done in the main kitchen area.
  • Work in the loading area includes…
    • …the loading dock and dock leveler is completed.
    • …the generator is in place.
    • …the boilers have been fired and are currently heating the building with temporary heat.
  • Work in the ER area includes…
    • …the cabinets for exam rooms and the nurse’s station are being installed.
    • …the overhead doors are in for ambulance drop off area.
    • …painting is done.
    • …ceramic tile is done.
  • Work in the Radiology area includes…
    • …everything is sheetrocked and painted.
    • …they are currently installing low voltage wiring.
  • Work in the Outpatient Clinics area includes…
    • …everything is sheetrocked.
    • …they have started painting.
  • Work in the Physical Therapy department includes…
    • …everything is sheetrocked.
    • …the mudding work continues.
  • Work in the new Business Office…
    • …they have sheetrocked and are now mudding.
  • Work in the new Family Medicine Associates clinic includes…
    • …all electrical and plumbing is installed.
    • …sheetrocking work has begun.
  • Work on the exterior of the building includes…
    • …all sidewalks are completed.
    • …all posts are in place for lighting on the outside of the building.
    • … black dirt (topsoil) has been installed around building.
    • …the new heliopad has been poured.
    • …the doors and furnace have been installed in the separate maintenance building.

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RELEASED: September 16, 2010

September 2010 Construction Update

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights include:

  • Cabinetry is being installed around the nurse’s station and inside the new private patient rooms
  • They are working on dropping the ceiling grid in the patient rooms
  • The dining area has been painted
  • The new Emergency Room area has been painted
  • Sheet rocking work is continuing in the new surgery department
  • Almost all of the concrete has been poured for the new parking lots and driveway
  • Some sidewalks have been poured, others are being prepped
  • Electrical work is finishing in the new administration area

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August 2010 Construction Update

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights include:

  • The four new Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum suites are completely painted.
  • Work is beginning on installation of plumbing fixtures in the Medical-Surgical wings (patient rooms).
  • The beautiful new Dietary area has been sheet rocked and mudded and is ready for paint primer.
  • The new ER has been sheet rocked and mudded. It will be primered after Dietary is finished.
  • Crews are finishing up electrical work and plumbing rough-ins in the new Surgery area. Sheet rocking in this area will begin around August 16.
  • The Outpatient clinic area is studded.
  • Crews are currently studding the physical therapy, Family Medicine Associates clinical area and Surgical Consultants clinical area.
  • Work on electrical and plumbing rough-ins continues in the new Administration and Business Office areas, along with the new Conference Room areas.
  • There are just a few exterior windows and doors that need to be installed.
  • The north and west parking lots are about 80% paved.
  • Crews are finishing up work for the storm sewer drainage in the loading dock area.
  • All construction job trailers have been moved to the southwest parking lot.
  • All concrete has been poured in the maintenance building and ambulance garage.
  • A few of the sidewalks have been paved. More will be poured in between parking lot work.
  • Crews will start heating and air conditioning the patient room areas in September. After they are able to control the temperature of the environment, they’ll begin working on installing cabinetry and other woodwork details.

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Released: June 24, 2010

June 2010 Construction Update

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights on the exterior of the building include:

  • Crews are starting to work on the parking lot area on the north side of the building. This is the lot that will be paved first. They have the storm sewers in and the lot will be paved as soon as it dries up enough.
  • Next, crews will work on the west parking lot and then move to the south parking lot. These will be able to be seen from the highway.
  • There are now less than 12 windows left to put in for window installation for the entire building to be complete.
  • After July 4, some of the job trailers will be relocated to dig out the loading dock area.
  • Sidewalks will be paved in between paving parking lots. The goal is to have all parking lots and sidewalks paved by the first week of August.
  • Roofing work on the canopies is now complete.

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights on the interior of the building include:

  • Crews are putting in low voltage wiring (communication cables, nurse call cables, computer cables) in the med-surg patient wings.
  • Rooms and hallways have been painted in the patient care wings.
  • Work on cabinetry has started inside the patient rooms in the med-surg area.
  • All ceramic tile is complete in the patient bathrooms in the med-surg wings.
  • Priming for paint has begun in the new Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post-partum suites.
  • Bathroom ceramic tile work is continuing in the Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post-Partum suites.
  • Sheet rocking work is progressing in the new ER area.
  • Sheet rocking work has just begun in the new Dietary area.
  • The chillers have been put in place in the mechanical room.
  • Crews are finishing framing in the new surgery area. They have now started on the electrical and plumbing rough-in work.
  • Wall layouts are beginning to take shape in the new outpatient clinic area along with imaging and lab.
  • By the first week of July, all concrete will be poured inside the main building. After that, concrete work will be finished in the ambulance garage and maintenance building.

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Released: May 25, 2010

May 2010 Construction Update

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights include:

  • Workers have begun painting rooms in the east patient wing.
  • Crews are busy drywalling and mudding the four Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum suites in the OB wing.
  • At the same time, sheetrocking is occurring in the beautiful new dietary area.
  • Electrical and plumbing work is wrapping up in the new ER area.
  • Crews are currently framing and studding the new surgical area.
  • Concrete will be poured soon in the south half of radiology.
  • Below grade plumbing work continues in the new Family Medicine Associates area.
  • Around 60-70% of all concrete flooring in the facility is complete. The remainder is expected to be completed by July 1.
  • A portion of the clear story windows has been installed.
  • Concrete will be poured this week in the new ambulance drop off area.
  • Work will begin soon on pouring the parking lot on the north side of the building.
  • The last section of precast panel has been put in place.

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Released: April 14, 2010

April 2010 Construction Update

The latest CCMH construction progress highlights include:

  • Roofing work is now around 90% complete. It’s exciting to see the new “clear story” taking shape that will allow an abundance of natural light into the facility.
  • Crews are working on finishing canopies over the top of several entrances in the new building.
  • Street paving to allow access to the new facility is half done.
  • Work on the parking lot will begin as soon as the ground has dried out enough.
  • Crews will begin sheet-rocking in the new patient care wings beginning the week of April 19.
  • Windows are installed in the new patient rooms. Additional window installations will occur after concrete has been poured in other departments.
  • Electrical and mechanical installations are ongoing in the new OB and Pharmacy areas.
  • Crews are planning to pour concrete in the new dietary area during the week of April 19.
  • Below ground plumbing work continues in the emergency room area.

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Released: March 4, 2010

March 2010 Construction Update

With Spring just around the corner, here are the latest construction updates for the new Crawford County Memorial Hospital that is slated to open in June 2011. Overall, things are still a bit behind schedule due to the severe weather we experienced during the winter, but the crews are making great progress and working hard to continue closing those gaps.

With the weather cooperating a bit more during the last few weeks, work has really picked up. Progress highlights include:

  • Concrete flooring base has been poured for both patient care wings. By the second week in March, concrete will also be poured in the new nurses’ station area along with the OB unit.
  • With the roof decking in place over almost the entire facility, the full roofing structure is complete now for almost 25% of the building.
  • The structural steel placement is nearly 100% complete.
  • Work is commencing on the large canopy areas above the main hospital entrance and the entrance to the new Family Medicine Associates clinic.
  • Crews are working on thawing the ground in the area that will house the ER, Dietary department, cafeteria and storeroom. Once this process is complete, concrete will be poured.
  • Work on window installation in the patient care wings will begin the second week of March.

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Released: February 2, 2010

February 2010 Construction Update

There are multiple things going on in multiple portions of the building right now.


  • The inpatient care area has all in floor sanitary piping (plumbing & sewer) complete.
  • Installation of pre-cast concrete walls around the exterior of the main hospital building is complete. There are a few panels that have been intentionally left off for now so that the crews can continue to transport structural steel into the interior of the building.
  • Installation of pre-cast walls is beginning this week for the maintenance building. Erecting walls on the Ambulance garage will begin next week.
  • A section of roofing over the inpatient care area and nurse’s station is complete.
  • Around February 8, work will begin on pouring concrete under the bathrooms of the new patient rooms. About one week after that, work will begin on pouring concrete for the other sections of floor in the patient care area.
  • Work on the underground plumbing portion near the new OB department will start around February 15.
  • With cooperation from the weather, windows are scheduled to begin being installed in the patient care area around March 8.

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Released: September 9, 2009

Crawford County Memorial Hospital moving forward with replacement hospital

The Crawford County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees voted to approve construction bids for the organization’s replacement hospital project at a special board meeting on Tuesday, September 8.

The official approval marks one of the final steps necessary before major construction can begin on the 78,000 square foot replacement hospital and 16,000 square foot adjoined provider-based rural health clinic.

“With a project of this scope, there was a tremendous amount of planning and pre-construction paperwork that needed to be completed,” said Mark Rinehardt, CEO, Crawford County Memorial Hospital. “Officially approving the construction bids represents an important step that ensures this project will continue moving forward. Our staff is thrilled beyond words that we are getting closer to beginning major construction work.”

In addition to approving the final building construction bids, the board also issued notices to proceed for work involving building concrete, precast, steel, mechanical and electrical.

A bulk of the overall project – construction alone of the new building – was divided into 12 different bid packages totaling $16.6 million. This final figure is about 25 percent lower than architects estimated construction would cost – saving the hospital around $6 million.
The total project, including site acquisition, grading, construction, parking lot paving, landscaping, equipment and supplies installation, and financing and interest fees, is now expected to cost around $31 million. Financing includes $18.2 million in USDA 90 percent guaranteed loans and $10 million through the sale of bank qualified revenue bonds. The hospital has already received a conditional commitment for guarantee from USDA.

Additionally, the bonds have been sold, with a closing date for final paperwork set for September 15. After closing, the money from the sale of the bonds will be held in trust to allow the hospital to pay expenses related to the project.

Almost four years after beginning preliminary studies related to building a new facility, Rinehardt notes there is now just one final step for Crawford County Memorial Hospital to take before major construction work begins.

“The board of trustees will sign the official construction contracts at the September 28 board meeting,” said Rinehardt. “After that, we expect to have a public groundbreaking ceremony either later that week or by mid-October.”

Some highlighted features of the replacement project include:

  • 25 private patient rooms, each with its own private bath
  • A separate ER entrance away from the main entrance
  • An expanded specialty clinic area– meaning more space to accommodate patients and additional physicians
  • Entire layout of building on one level – making it very handicap friendly
  • More physician’s clinic space to allow recruitment of additional providers
  • Enhanced privacy and security features throughout the facility
  • Addition of hospital’s own MRI system
  • State of the art surgical suite that will double the hospital’s operating room space and allow for additional equipment and possible procedures

The new Crawford County Memorial Hospital replacement facility is tentatively scheduled to open in May or June 2011.

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