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Two clinics will merge to form new CCMH Medical Clinic


On Monday, June 27, the clinical names “Family Medicine Associates” and “Surgical Consultants” will be replaced with just one name “CCMH Medical Clinic."

For the last two years, the seven family practice providers at Family Medicine Associates and two general surgeons at Surgical Consultants have worked in two separate clinical office locations within CCMH due to space constraints.

The clinical area that was constructed in the new hospital allows plenty of space for all nine medical providers in both family practice and general surgery to utilize just one location. Therefore, “CCMH Medical Clinic” was chosen as the name to reflect the merger.

The nine medical providers working in the new CCMH Medical Clinic include Dr. Scott Hoffman, Dr. John Ingram, Dr. Jeffrey Miller, Dr. Todd Woollen, Julie Graeve, ARNP, MS; Jill Kierscht, ARNP, MSN, Kathy Berens-Brownmiller, PA-C, and general surgeons Dr. David Wright and Dr. Gregory Stanislav.

The new CCMH Medical Clinic will open at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, June 27, at 100 Medical Parkway. Signs in the parking lot will direct patients to the Medical Clinic entrance. Medical Clinic.”