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(DES MOINES, IA) – Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) generates 298 jobs that add $25,297,045 directly to the Crawford County economy, according to the latest study by the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA).  In addition, CCMH employees create an additional $2,221,607 through community benefits. Community benefits are activities to improve the health status and increase access to health care. Besides uncompensated care and charity care, community benefits include health screenings, support groups, counseling, immunizations, nutrition services and transportation programs.

Erin Muck, CCMH President and CEO, noted the dollars generated by the health care industry provide a firm foundation for further economic growth in the county.

“As the population in rural Iowa continues to age, the economic impact of healthcare continues to grow,” Muck said. “Our continuing efforts to bring medical specialties and up-to-date technology closer to our patients means better accessibility, convenience and quality of care.”

Evan Blakley, Executive Director of the Chamber and Development Council (CDC) of Crawford County, also sees the effect of the investment CCMH makes into local healthcare services.

 “The continuous improvement and expansion of services available at CCMH helps us in attracting new employers and new residents to our area”, Blakley noted.

IHA compiled data for the study from the American Hospital Association’s annual survey of hospitals, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. IHA used Regional Input-Output Modeling System multipliers to calculate the data, which includes statewide, hospital-specific and county totals. IHA also conducted a separate survey, compiling hospital-submitted data about Iowa hospital community-benefit programs and services.

The study found that Iowa hospitals directly employ 74,324 people and create another 74,754 jobs outside the hospital sector. As an income source, hospitals provide over $5.1 billion in salaries and benefits and generate another $3.15 billion through other jobs that depend on hospitals.

In all, Iowa’s hospital sector provides approximately 10% of all job in the state and provide more than 11.5% of all wages in the economy. Hospitals contribute $20.1 billion which is about 12% of Iowa’s total gross domestic product.


“Hospitals and health care are vital to the economy in all parts of the state, both urban and rural,” said IHA president and CEO Chris Mitchell. “In generating more than 149,000 jobs, health care is one of Iowa’s largest employers, and hospitals remain, by far, the biggest contributor to that enormous impact.”

“In Iowa cities and counties, hospitals are uniformly among the largest employers. Those jobs bring income to Main Street businesses and support local government services and infrastructure through taxes,” Mitchell commented.

The Iowa Hospital Association is a voluntary membership organization representing hospital and health system interests to business, government and consumer audiences.  All of Iowa’s 118 community hospitals are IHA members.

The Chamber and Development Council (CDC) of Crawford County is the catalyst for economic vitality and sustainability. The CDC is committed to serving all citizens of the county, interfacing with various groups, businesses, and governmental agencies to maintain and expand the economic base.