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Crum hired as new Ambulance Manager


Nearly 30 years after Randy Crum left Denison, he’s returned for a new job.

The twist is that job is in his old department.

Crum recently took over as the Ambulance Manager at Crawford County Memorial Hospital. The position is one that had special appeal to Crum since he worked as an EMT in the department for five years during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

“My wife and I really enjoyed our time in Denison,” said Crum. “The prospect of not only moving back to this area, but working in the brand new hospital was a win-win for both of us.”

After leaving CCMH in 1983, Crum worked in Sac County and for the City of Vermillion in South Dakota. During that time he furthered his education and became certified as a Paramedic Specialist. He also because more interested in management to further his skills in the field.

In 1998, Crum accepted the Ambulance Manager position at Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston. The hospital is similar to CCMH in that it operates a hospital-based ambulance department. For the last 12 years, Crum not only administered the ambulance department, but he also provided service in the hospital’s emergency room as well.

“The trend in our profession is to have paramedics provide that continuum of care beyond the ambulance and into the emergency room as well,” said Crum. “So I was definitely excited to learn that CCMH has already implemented a procedure to have paramedics assisting in the emergency room on a more regular basis. This is a very positive improvement for patient care.”

Crum, who is also a certified EMS and CPR instructor, has spent his first month on the job re-familiarizing himself with CCMH and learning more about his staff. One of his first goals on the job is to create more open relationships with all of the first responders throughout Crawford County.

“This county is very fortunate to have a strong volunteer base of first responders,” said Crum. “I want all of them to know that our ambulance department appreciates their service. I look forward to meeting them and learning about how CCMH can better assist with their needs.”

Crum, who has been married to his wife, Lori, for 32 years, has three grown children. While not at work, he enjoys golfing, fishing, biking, kickboxing and weightlifting.

For questions about CCMH’s ambulance department, or how it can assist your community, contact Crum by calling 263-5021 and having the hospital operator page him.