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(Denison, IA) – At its January meeting, the Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) Board of Trustees approved the purchase of two new ultrasound machines for its Radiology department at a cost of $195,000. The new ultrasound machines will replace units that have been in service for as many as 13 years. The purchase of the new units will be made from current cash flows and reserve funds. The machines are expected to be installed and operational in March 2018.

Katie Tremel, Radiology department manager at CCMH, said the new units will replace two older models.

“Our current machines are quickly approaching ‘end of life’. One of the units was purchased in 2004 and the other in 2009. Parts for the old machines are no longer being manufactured and getting parts in the future will be a struggle,” Tremel said.

Providing the best possible care requires the latest in diagnostic technology according to Tremel.

“The machines we are currently operating were a great match to our past. However, over time technology has improved and our increase in visiting and community based clinics has gradually transitioned the technology needs. This new equipment will enable ongoing local access to care for our patients. We know that more accurate imaging provided by the new technology leads to faster and better diagnoses which is always our goal for our patients,” Tremel commented. “The biggest advantage is the enhancement in the quality of images. There is a night and day difference between the images produced by the old and new ultrasound machines.”

Dr. Cheryle Manasil, one of the radiologists who serves CCMH, said, “The latest ultrasound technology will allow better visualization of all structures and improve the likelihood of finding small or subtle abnormalities. The new machines also do a much better job at imaging larger patients.”

Tremel went on to say the new ultrasound machines are smaller, lighter and more ergonomically pleasing for the technologists. The new units are also quieter and energy efficient.