Decluttering and Cleaning Resolutions for 2023


A new year has rolled around and, with it, the inevitable pull to make resolutions. Instead of setting impossible goals, this week’s blog includes a few suggestions for some minor changes you can make to make your home a more enjoyable place to be.

According to the experts, one key to creating a happier space is following simple decluttering and tidying routines that, if done regularly, will keep you from becoming overwhelmed. Read on for a list of easy household resolutions. Achieving just one of them is sure to make your life at least a little bit more manageable.

  • Start the year with a deep clean. Resolve to tackle the dirt and grime around your home. This crucial step will allow you to get rid of things you don't use, and make sure everything is in its place. Typically, a deep clean touches every room from top to bottom, with a special emphasis on hard-to-reach areas. Pro tip: Tackle the toughest room clean-up first. It will make the rest of the deep clean seem easier.
  • Keep your clothes closet organized on a daily basis. Use a hamper in your bathroom or bedroom to hold all your dirty laundry instead of chucking it on the floor. Put clean items in their proper places as soon as you take them off, whether hanging them back up in the closet or returning them, neatly folded, to a drawer. Pro tip: Place a bag for items to donate in your closet. That way, you can collect giveaways as you come across them. Take the bag to the Good Samaritan Center Thrift Shop at 801 Highway 39 North in Denison at the end of the month.
  • Commit to keeping one area of your home clutter-free.  Choose one spot - a kitchen counter, a dining room table, a bathroom vanity - that you'd like to keep tidy and clear. Once everyone in your home has adjusted to maintaining the clutter-free spot (which might take a couple of weeks) encourage everyone to keep it up. Pro tip: One tidy spot will soon translate to more areas of your home as you get used to your new non-cluttering habits.
  • Make your bed and clear your nightstand each morning. This seems like a no-brainer, but a significant number of people decide against making their beds each morning. It only takes a few minutes and when you come home tired at the end of the day, you’ll be welcomed into a calm and peaceful space as you get ready for your evening routine. Pro tip: Take a couple of extra minutes to tidy up the nightstand or bedside table. Visual clutter can raise your stress levels and work against your calming, relaxing, peaceful vibe.
  • Discard junk mail immediately. Don’t let the junk mail clutter your space. Keep a box or trash can handy and discard any junk mail immediately. Pro tip: Be ruthless with junk mail. The less clutter in your house, the nicer it will be!
  • Assess your fridge before grocery shopping. Each week, toss out the old leftovers and anything else that has outdated, This will clean up the space and make room for the groceries you’ll be purchasing. Do the same with your pantry. If you know items will outdate soon, use them as quickly as possible to avoid the waste. Pro tip: Use a washcloth with mild soap to wipe down the shelves and drawers as you toss out the leftovers and outdates. It will keep your fridge and pantry clean and smelling good!
  • Either wash the dishes after dinner or place them in the dishwasher. One dirty plate left in the sink has a way of turning into a whole pile of them. Keeping up with the dishes on a daily basis will save significant time over a whole week. It will also keep your kitchen clean and a place where you want to spend time. Pro tip: Be discerning about what can go into the dishwasher versus what needs to be washed by hand. More dishes in the dishwasher means more time for you to do other things around the house.
  • Schedule a regular time to address recurring tasks. A big project - like sorting through the ever-growing pile of paperwork on your desk - can feel insurmountable to the point that you just never get around to tackling it. Schedule a recurring window of time to chip away at these sorts of chores. Pro tip: Also schedule a specific amount of time for the task, for instance, 30 minutes once per week. This will help you to keep up with tasks that require attention and yet reasonably limit the time required from your schedule.

The goal of any cleaning and decluttering around your home is to create a more livable and stress-free space while freeing up time to spend with family and friends, pursue hobbies, or simply to rest and relax. Use these ideas to make your 2023 a great year!