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Hospital Bill vs. Clinic Bill

Crawford County Memorial Hospital and its provider-based rural health clinic, CCMH Medical Clinic, have separate billing procedures.

Due to insurance regulations, there are a few instances when procedures performed inside CCMH Medical Clinics require billing through the hospital. While it may seem confusing to receive a clinic bill and a hospital bill from one single visit, you can be assured there is not any duplication of charges.

Whether you receive a bill from the hospital or a bill from the clinic, it is very important to remember the following steps when making a payment:

  • Be sure to include your patient account number with your payment
  • Be sure to detach the payment stub on the bottom portion of the bill to return with payment

If you have questions specifically regarding your hospital bill, call 712-265-2500. For questions about your bill from CCMH Medical Clinic, call 712-265-2700.