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Certified Diabetes Education Program

CCMH offers a special diabetes self-management education program. The program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association and has maintained state certification since 1999. The instruction is a mixture of learning dietary information and disease management skills, such as how to monitor your meter. A physician referral is necessary to sign up for this program. For more information, call Lori Johannsen at 265-2513, or e-mail ljohannsen@ccmhia.com.

Some insurance plans will cover up to 10 hours of program education if you are a newly diagnosed diabetic. Be sure to check your policy coverage.

As an additional service to the community, CCMH can provide assistance to diabetics who are having trouble with their meters. Before you buy a new one, contact Lori Johannsen at 265-2513, or e-mail ljohannsen@ccmhia.com, for more information.